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Study at Bangalore's Top College

Study at Bangalore Top Colleges

Bangalore known as Garden city & Silicon valley of India is also an important destination in India with Top Colleges. Students from all over the globe prefer Bangalore due to its moderate and pleasant climatic condition, multi culture bind and metropolitan ambiance. Bangalore hence can be called as Education Hub of India as well. It is also one of the fastest developing cities in the world!

A.S.K Education Institution started the first Culinary College in Bangalore in addition to its hospitality management education & Bakery Institute since Bangalore is filled with numerous five star luxury hotels, cafes, restaurants, resorts, industrial catering units etc, which will support the culinary students to learn and exchange knowledge from top notch chefs and hoteliers.

Eat street in V.V Puram with hundreds of eateries, Multi cuisine restaurants across Bangalore, new food startups are few instance to the culinary fervor of the Bangalore city.

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