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A.S.K. Institute of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts - ASK IHMCA™

A.S.K. Institute of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts has been the choice for numerous hospitality & culinary professionals across the globe. ASK IHMCA has grown into a premium learning organization, with specialization in hotel management & culinary arts. Here, students from all over the globe prepare themselves for hospitality & culinary opportunities available in the world's fastest growing market and career segment.

A.S.K. Institute of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts popularly known as ASK IHM Bangalore was commenced in the year 2011 with the intention of producing quality and skillful hospitality professionals in order to plug up the supply and demand gap of the hospitality industry. Hospitality Industry is growing rapidly and is poised to become the largest industry in the world. Numerous luxury hotel chains are commenced every year to cater to the needs of the hospitality & tourism industry.

After 10th and 12th, Pursue Following Vocational Courses offered by ASK IHM CA & ASK IBC

  • Hospitality Industry is anticipated to create 65 million new jobs in next ten years.
  • More than 3,660 luxury hotel projects are currently in the pipeline.
  • Over the next ten years, the travel and tourism sector is expected to grow by 4.2% per year.

A.S.K Institute of Bakery & Confectionery - ASK IBC™

ASK Institute of Bakery and Confectionery popularly known as ASK IBC was commenced in the year 2014 with the intention of imparting quality bakery & confectionery skills to those who desire to learn baking as passion or as a career choice. ASK-IBC is one of its kinds in India which is managed by Baking professionals with extensive experience in the field of professional baking.

Bakery skill is of high demand across the globe with plenty of job opportunities in luxury five star hotels, cruise lines, gourmet bakeries, cafes and soon. Located in the midst of renowned bakery chains and 5 star hotels in Bangalore, ASK IBC offers part time jobs and internships for its students enabling them to have hands on experience and skill oriented training.

Apart from the full time professional Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Bakery & Confectionery, ASK IBC imparts short term skill oriented courses in Bread making, Chocolates, Sugar art, Cake decoration and much more.

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