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NarendraNarendra - Commis I, Vivanta By Taj ITPL, Bangalore,IndiaDuring my studies I learned a lot, but I have to thank ASK Institute especially because it gave me the opportunity to stay in touch and learn from industry experts who have given me a 360 degree vision of the world of hospitality that I'm now putting into practice in one of the most important hotels in Bangalore.

TajjudinTajjudin Ahmad, Jr.Sous Chef, The Lait, Bangalore,IndiaAt ASK Institute I learnt to work with students from other cultures and backgrounds. That broadened my opinions and outlook and has really been useful in Bangalore where I have worked before! At ASK I met people from right around the world and, in a global industry like hospitality, this is a real advantage.

Ambatipelly maheshAmbatipelly Magesh, F&B Associate,Sherton Hotel, DubaiLife at ASK Institute was entirely different from anything I had ever experienced and it was a really interesting time that has helped me to progress in my career. It was thanks to ASK that I got my first internship, which helped me to decide the path that I would like to pursue in F&B Production. My advice to students who are graduating is, to be patient! Lot of people who try to reach the top quickly, but you need to improve your skills and learn from bottom up.

JuliaJulia Devi, Commis III, Park Plaza, Bangalore, IndiaMy studies at ASK really gave me the platform to enter the hospitality industry and provided me with the right tools I needed to get started. I developed the ability to work in a diverse group and learned that even though you have the same goal there are many ways and opinions on how to reach it.

SivaSiva, Laundry Supervisor, ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, IndiaI believe that the profession that I chose is not easy for every one. Those who are interested in following the same career path have to be passionate about more than one aspect of the Hospitality. My professional philosophy is: passion, smile and motivation.

ReninnReninn Mariyam, Housekeeping Attendant, Park Plaza, Bangalore, IndiaAfter my studies at ASK, I joined the Park Plaza. I have loved each of my jobs and each one has taught me so much. I have to say, however, I enjoy working at the Park Plaza. My advice to future graduates is to enjoy what you do! Remember that you have to be happy doing what you are doing in order to make others happy.

MaheshMaheswar Adhikari, F&B Associate, ITC Fortune, Bangalore, IndiaAt ASK I had the opportunity to live and work with people from all over the world. I learned to adapt to changing situations and be flexible, skills that are very important in ITC Fortune and hospitality industry in general. Hospitality is a special profession, it is a life-style and you will be working when everyone else is off enjoying their holidays! But, if it is your true passion the rewards are endless and the sky is the limit!

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